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Zoom Class Instructions

  1. Start by finding the program your looking for on the Book Online page.

  2. Register to take the class and pay online, or make a payment later by selecting Pay In Person in the checkout. NOTE: You must have paid for the class before the Zoom begins or you will not be allowed into the meeting.

  3. Please fill out the necessary paperwork before class begins and email completed forms to                                  ................Please include                                                                               class name and the start date of the class in the subject heading line for example if you were taking a DWI class on March 3rd. Please write DWI 3/3 and                                                                                                                in the body of the email include your name and the paperwork for the class  Find paperwork using the button below or using More at the top of the page

  4. After you send in your paperwork we will send you the meeting ID and room number and link for zoom within 2 hours

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